Replacing Your Equipment

Energy-efficient heating systems save you money and improve your quality of life

Almost any homeowner can attest that their oil-fired heating and hot water equipment is one of the largest — and most important — home investments. The winters can get awfully frigid in Berks and Schuylkill Counties. You need a dependable heating system and oil storage tank to stay warm and safe.

If your home’s heating equipment is more than two decades old, a local Berks-Schuylkill Oil Heat Association company can advise you on an efficient furnace or boiler replacement. Getting a new system can provide fuel efficiency improvements of 30% or more, considerably reducing your energy costs. Plus, you could qualify for equipment rebates and other incentives.

Is it time for a furnace replacement?

Oil-fired furnaces heat air in a combustion chamber, then circulate it with a blower fan. This warm air travels through your home’s ducts and is released through vents and floor registers.
Today’s oil furnaces are fantastically efficient, often boasting fuel efficiency ratings as high as 98.5%! They can operate at variable speeds for more precise heating with lower fuel usage.

Heating oil boilers for your home and your water

If your home has radiators or radiant floor heating, you’re likely using an oil-fired boiler. These systems heat water instead of air. Hot water or steam circulates through your plumbing to keep you warm. Many consider a boiler’s heat to be more comfortable than a furnace’s.
Boilers can help with your hot water generation too. Indirect-fired water heaters use heat from your oil boiler to heat the water in a storage tank. The U.S. Department of Energy advises that an indirect-fired oil water heater with a high-efficiency boiler and an insulated tank is among the least expensive ways to produce hot water.

Be confident in your heating oil storage tank

With life spans of 30 years and more, heating oil storage tanks are some of the longest-lasting things in a home. Even so, your full-service heating oil company should check your tank regularly, especially if it’s getting on in years. If a technician finds damage or corrosion, it could be time to arrange an oil tank replacement.

You’ll be astonished by today’s heating oil tanks. They’re practically leak-proof, with double-walled construction and leak-detection systems, not to mention long-term warranties and sleek designs that cleanly fit into tight spaces.

How to choose the right heating oil equipment for your home

Is it time to replace an aging furnace, boiler, fuel tank or other oil-powered equipment?
Several factors come into play when you’re choosing a replacement system, including the size of your home, how many people live there and how old they are. Having a trusted heating oil partner makes the process much easier.