Heating Oil for Energy Efficiency

Heating oil is safer, more efficient and more eco-friendly than ever before!

The heating oil that families in Berks County, Schuylkill County and other Eastern Pennsylvania counties use is light-years more advanced than yesterday’s fuel.

If you want a safe, efficient energy source, heating oil delivers it. And advances in production have made it better for the planet, not to mention your home’s heating equipment!

Heating oil benefits for home efficiency

Heating oil has long been one of the most effective ways to heat your home — and it’s only becoming more efficient!

You get five hours of consistent heat with a single gallon of heating oil. Today’s boilers and furnaces have fuel efficiencies of up to 98.5%. What does this mean for fuel consumption? In the 1970s, the average home in the United States needed 1,400 gallons of oil for its annual heating. Today, it only needs about 700 gallons!

As for your Pennsylvania home, you can save 20% or more on annual heating costs by upgrading to high-efficiency oil-fired equipment. Plus, there are fantastic rebates and credits that can put money back in your pocket right away.

Heating oil is becoming greener by the day

The heating oil industry is making astounding strides in reducing the environmental impact of its product, and heating oil customers are already receiving benefits with Bioheat® fuel. A blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel, Bioheat fuel is a greener heating option already used in countless Berks and Schuylkill County homes.

This renewable fuel, which incorporates biodiesel made from feedstocks like soybean oil, inedible corn oil, animal fats and used cooking grease, works in heating oil systems without modification. It vastly reduces sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and mercury emissions.

This is great news for the environment and for your home. Systems that use Bioheat fuel experience less wear and tear, require fewer cleanings and last longer. Your home budget becomes more manageable as a result.

Enjoy heating oil’s superior safety

We know that your family’s safety and well-being are foremost in your mind. You can be confident that heating oil is among the safest home energy sources you can choose. In its liquid form, heating oil won’t combust. To make it ignite, you’d need to vaporize it and heat it to up 140°F (which is what your furnace or boiler’s burner does).

You can also rest assured that there is an extremely low risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning with an oil-fired system. In the rare event that an oil burner malfunctions (typically because of neglected maintenance), safety mechanisms will generally spring into action and shut the equipment down. Of course, there are other ways unrelated to your oil-fired equipment that CO can accumulate in your home, so be sure to have working CO detectors on every level of your home, especially near all bedrooms.

Finally, today’s oil storage tanks minimize the possibility of a fuel leak with double-walled construction and fantastic safety features. You can discuss the best fuel-storage options available to you with your local full-service heating oil company.